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Farrah – I’d love to be able to!! But alas it’s a thing that officially “never happened” a case of “fraud” and it’s an impossible heresy as far as official science and chemistry is concerned... I believe Mayer did exactly what he said he did, and I’ve got little doubt Puharich got the job done before him. What about you?
Did they both know the chemical “nuts and bolts”? I don’t know they were certainly both very clever men and no doubt had formed their own conclusions.
But In the strict scientific sense where mathematical proof is all, perhaps not! I really don’t know they were both murdered before they flowered.
After all from the cause of magnetism to dowsing there are 1000s of enigmas; however all these things still demonstrably work!
Anyway the “fractured stick” thing does it for me! I’ve just about got enough nous to picture it which is good!!
I have read that the EM wave has yet to be satisfactory explained (never mind electric current) and that’s been in common use for better that 100 years. As for its concentrated heterodyne effect on H20 who knows?! If gentleman of the caliber of Mayer and Puharich demonstrated and lectured on their devices in front of hundreds I think you can assume it did something special,
Well first I’d like to try and reproduce it. What about you? We are talking buttons here in the scheme of things, I don’t think Stan or Andrja were lying cheats what do you think?
And you and Aaron please stop squabbling in the sand pit I bet you don’t speak like that when you’re out picking daisy’s together!
That it does happen I have no doubt, perhaps a shaper blade than mine knows why and who knows Farrah the answer may reveal itself to you in the merry banter
As this develops
Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.
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