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Originally Posted by Slovenia View Post
Nvisser & others,

I think we should perform a Meyer replication in as expedient a fashion as possible using just the most basic bare bones apparatus to get a good proof of concept device only. In other words just one or two tube set cell to start with. When we determine how to properly tune this arrangement and get a working prototype, we can build the cell as large and complicate as we like. In the mean time I think we need to utilize the KISS principle and keep the system as simple as possible.

I have a good acquaintance who has expended a lot of money working on the Meyer cell system over the past several years. I'm pretty sure this fellow will help us. He'd like to get his cells working too and he has many of them. So, I'll contact him and see what can be done. I'm sure I can get him to offer some advise on where we should start.

I don't want to trouble Michael Nunnerley to much for details which we can get somewhere else.

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It seems to me that it would be more simple (KISS) to get past the big electrolyser, and go directly to a Meyer like 'plug cell'. It just seems to me that it would be less bulky and less dangerous if all the reactions and bond breaking is being done in the cylinder, rather than pumping in the solution from a remote location.
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