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Yeah, everyone is lovely and wonderful... knighthoods, medals of honour, etc, etc.... I get all that. All very nice, but does anybody actually want to discuss the science involved here?

Is anyone actually considering the science of this... or is everyone simply hopping on the bandwagon, happy to just heap on the praise and follow Mikes lead?

Thanks for all you have shared including your tactful hint to the Farrah.
What's this supposed to mean? What hint?

I'm simply questioning the effect the EMR is having. Forget all the fancy electronics to get the required EMR, the key to this is what reactions are taking place within the electrolytic solution.

Mike is yet to talk about this, which is where my personal interest lies and hence all the questions. In fact, if you look through this thread, the science involved has yet to even be touched upon. And it seems to me that rather a lot is simply being taken for granted by everyone.

Anybody else care to have a stab at the chemistry that takes us from water to oxygen and hydrogen?

Initially I thought Mike was talking about dissociating water without an electrolyte, but now we know this is not the case. So unless Mike brings something new to the table, then we have no more information than already provided by Kanzius... do we!

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