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Thanks for all you have shared including your tactful hint to the Farrah.

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Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
Farrah … Michael speaks tacit volumes. The area of antenna’s, reflected power, parasitic elements and all the associated design is a specialist subject many very clever hams dedicate a great deal of their hobby hours experimenting in this area alone. I’m just a common or garden electrician and I assure you the field of RF is really alien to way we generally think of electricity. As I think about it now (many years after the fact) The way I (we) have been trained avoided crossing boundaries and so for instance “reflected power” and “standing wave” In RF engineering was taught as reactive power in electrical engineering.
And as for the longitudinal wave, I think we all know now that was just “buried” in both disciplines.
As for “blind faith” Of course not! Each stage can be studied; an old RSGB handbook seems to explain huge amounts to me. Michael is pointing the way to relevant links and so is the good Dr.
Pictures, working drawings, I would think not! He’s got a few more candles he’d like to blow out yet. and so of course if it can be avoided DON'T ASK. I don’t know if I personally have the skills to build the circuitry I see developing here particularly at UHF but I’m certainly starting to get my shopping list together and I’m going to give it a bloody good try!
Michael you should have a knighthood!

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