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@ Faraday

You have answered your own question as far as who has done this with Rf and it was not only with salt water, it was tested with other water formulas as well. The frequency was mixed and heterodyned in the salt water and other chemical mixes also proved to work but at different degrees.

A brine solution works well with radio frequencies and is one of the best in what I have shown, although other chemical compounds will work as well. Pure distilled water does not work, you need a crystaline compound, this does not form any other gas, it is a catalyst and remains in the water molecule. Copper sulphate also works, it is all to do with the absorbtion of the radio waves and not reflection.

Puharich was the first and he used also brine at a concentration equal to sea water. Meyer in the end copied Puharich but tried to disguise it. I have copied to a certain extent but have changed certain things that work better for me.

You really need to read Puharich very well, he gives quite an honest description, but his reasons are a little flawed on what was happening or that was his security. The trick is if I can call it that, the heterodyning has to be done in the water and not before, it is the absorbtion of the two RF signals that creates this and breaks those bonds as I have explained before.

I think that other frequencies can be used, I have chosen VHF and UHF as I am well conversed as I am a radio ham, G6GVA in England, but since changed as I live in Spain, you can look up my call sign if you like.

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