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Hi Mike

I've been following with interest, wondering where this thread will end up going. I see there is a keen and eager following, but I also see that no one is asking the right questions.

I know you and many others consider me to be a prize 'thorn in the side', but I learned long ago to question everything and not to trust the answers to those questions until they are verified as fact. And nowhere does this philosophy apply more than on these forums, so you'll forgive me for never taking anyone at their word.

The only thing I'm aware of similar to what you are here stating is science fact, is the Kanzius discovery, but of course he used brine and we know 13.56MHz.

Are you saying that this can happen with just plain water? If so, exactly what reactions do you suggest are taking place to produce hydrogen and oxygen... and why? I did ask, but you never answered about whether the water was being caused to ionise. You see I can understand the water being induced to ionise by EMR, but that does not itself give rise to hydrogen and oxygen, so how are the gases being produced?

Looking at what people are posting it seems that everyone simply thinks that water will fall apart into oxygen and hydrogen when exposed to so many MHz of EMR. I find it really hard to fathom why no one is questioning - or even considering - the chemistry.

Now, being a stickler for details, you said that this is not theory but fact, so have you a link to anything that can support this statement... or is this to be taken on blind faith?

I would really appreciate a considered response to my questions... after all you do say it is science fact.
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