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I love your story, Noises!

I also do enjoy very much apparitions of Mr./Ms. Synchronicity in my life (not sure whether it's a Mr. or a Ms. ). But at this particular moment my main problem doesn't seem to be trying to manifest or materialize something material into my life! I seem to mostly have problems right now with trying to get MYSELF to behave the way I want myself to behave!! If you want a frustrating experience there is one frustrating experience if ever there was one! If someone else misbehaves, well you can always scold them, sermonize, etc. And if in addition it's your kids who misbehave you can even punish them! But what do you do when it's YOURSELF who doesn't do what you want yourself to do??? Ooooh that is so frustrating! Grrr!

Sorry to vent off here, I suppose this is totally and absolutely and undeniably irrelevant to the topic at hand! Just wish there could be some sort of synchronicity to help me out in such a case.............

Okay so having said that, I do have to admit that synchronicity does so often show up in my life now that I usually don't even take note of it anymore. It has become so normal to me to expect synchronicity, and I often use synchronistic events as a guide to tell me which direction to go next. Although granted it usually isn't so marvellously dramatic as in other stories here! But anyways, I wouldn't be surprised if something unexpected did show up soon, to help me control my aberrant self!

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