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Smile Sigh, sigh, BIG SIGH

Thanks Kevin, for that note of encouragement. I've taken pictures of the 4-pole monopole and will post them soon. As for my feelings of frustration, part of it has to do with Peter's revelation vis-a-vis the Bedini pedulum. All that work for naught. The other part of it is this: I think I have found at least part of an answer as to why I'm running up against brick walls here. Personally, I think he's only partially right; I think he's missing a lot of the picture with respect to the mass scale conditioning that most people are subject to here in the U.S. and in most European countries. People who are brought up to be sheep aren't going to make wise choices, you know? I don't know if it's just a blind spot or willful, but it only adds to my frustration to see attitudes like that--and probably explains why good information is so hard to come by.

OK, enough sermonizing. I'm sure nobody really cares to hear such things anyway, so I'll shuddap about it already.

Right now I've got the 4-pole monopole (I think I'll call it a 4PM ) with 2.2K base resistors just to see how long it will take to get the battery up to, say, 15V or so. Just to see what will happen. I'm pretty sure I know what will happen with 330 base resistors (faster charging, higher current draw ). I'm not sure how John Bedini got 24V showing up on the charging battery side with this machine (I'm still getting only around 12V with spot measurements)--I'm sure that even if I had eight coils like he has on his that I'd still be seeing only 12V on mine. Ah well, c'est la vie. Ours is only to know in part, I suppose.

I will say that this machine does develop some torque though--probably due to the fact that it fires twice as much as a machine with all its coils aligned with the rotor magnets. You could probably develop even more torque with the coils suitably arranged.

At any rate, the next machine will definitely be an n-filer coil with multiple recovery circuits. BTW Kevin, I'll be interested in seeing the results of your tests with your "non-superpole-superpole" magnet arrangement. Also, be sure to keep us posted on your progress with the big machine.
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