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Distributor for pulse?

Hello and I appologize if this post is in the wrong area as I am new to this medium. Here goes my question. I have been working with the Bendini Circuit and have had no success up to the moment. I am working with some large coils and am trying to create a system of high frequency resonance but need to pulse energy in my coils that are each bifilar, about 5" in diameter toroidal iron core with 13 guage magnetic coil wire, and configured into a triangular setting. Since I have had no luck with the bendini circuit as my circuit wires end up vaporizing due to the incredibly high voltage that I am producing, I am wondering if I could use the same system that a car uses. that is Battery to ignition coil, ignition coil to a condensor (Capacitor), distributor to the coil enteries instead of the spark plugs, then a return to the negative terminal of the 12V battery (small 12V 4 amp.). If heat or high resistance is an issue but it would work, can there be a system of cooling that could be implemented? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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