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I Love It!!!

That is AWESOME, Nancy!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this module also! When I became a "blind" test subject for this one last July, I noticed the effects immediately! I LOVE the deep sleep that is filled with dreams that are like MOVIES and the constant feeling of being exquisitely Present is more delicious than I can describe! And the delightful synchronicities are continuous! When it was removed from my theatre in September, I noticed the difference within days and Holy Moly, did I ever miss it! Of course, I simply HAD to add it again ASAP because it is simply SO MUCH FUN!!! I do believe that it also causes my meditations and visualizations to be even more powerful! Talk about the Power of NOW!!! WoooHoooo!!!

Once again, I must add... PATHS!!! You Beauties just continue ROCK my world in SO MANY WAYS and I am so Happy and Grateful that I found your FABULOUS technology!!!! MUAH!!!

With MUCH Love and Gratitude,

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