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The grounding problem was one of the things that was heavily discussed. Much heated conversation occurred over this but I did eventually convince the group that it needed to be addressed. Glen took my advice and quickly corrected the issue with a simple modification to the board - he probably has a picture of that he could post showing the common ground point needed to prevent currents from traveling through the scope.

As we kept addressing each pitfall - the results seemed to improve. I recall Glen stating that it was getting better and better.

It is sad that so many of my suggestions to help this project succeed have been suppressed, ignored, or outright rejected. In some cases my help has been completely distorted and untruth has been spread all over the net which hopefully the intelligent readers will take the time to investigate fully rather than be mislead by false accusations and unsubstantiated claims.

If this proposed technology is truly open source for the world to use and make applications of royalty free then I am one who would rejoice and begin engineering hundreds of different applications immediately at the first accredited validation and substantiation of the claims. I think the burden of proof lays with the claimants but of course nothing prohibits anyone else from conclusively proving or disproving the proposed technology.

Any good Scientist will have both approaches to a hypothesis, trying to prove it true and prove it false - only one will succeed. But if both fail, then it is a matter of inconclusive results - and few applications engineers would be willing to invest time into an unproven proposed technology. That is rather left for the Research and Development Department to sort out. In my opinion, that is where this proposed technology is at - the Research and Development stage.

I am willing to use my skills to help anyone in their endeavors to research and develop this proposed technology and help it to succeed. I have over 30 years experience in both hardware and software research and development and electronic prototyping. I have also observed that there are others here at EF with similar skill sets - so there is certainly no lack of expertise for getting the job done for those willing to put an effort into it.

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