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Hi Stephen, I absolutely agree there are some amazing different healing modalities out there! And each provided for us to take full advantage of I noticed the Matrix Energetics thread, and I even began to read it once or twice but both times was interrupted. I always felt guided strongly to Theta DNA Healing, even though my mind wanted to go along with the flow of so much excitement with the Matrix Energetic thread. I've learnt if we've asked to learn a healing modality, we will be guided to the one we will find the most useful individually, as working on ourselves is most important. I also agree with muscle testing, for instance a belief may be on the core level but not on the history level, so can test weak on some levels and strong on the others. For this reason, there's ways to change just the beliefs that need changing and leaving alone the ones that don't need it. It's like fine tuning. The beauty of this is that I can also ask what the programme is being replaced with (I don't choose it) and how it got there in the first place. It's fascinating the answers and always make sense and explains a lot too! Also when removing something that has changed in DNA for example, one set may be fine and the other of the matching pair need fixing only, and as we work one on one with the Creator of all that is, we are explained what needs changing what doesn't regardless. The muscle testing is just a small beginning when working with a client, as they also witness what is happening so it helps them and we also do other ways of testing their beliefs. Beliefs are incredibly important, yet our mind tells us different answers. For instance, I was working on someone and they have a problem with finance. I muscle test and they are testing strong for believing they are Rich, and strong for feeling Wealthy (they have been doing a lot of work on this, affirmations etc) So there's work to be done, either a dual belief or something completely different. Usually it's something completely different Within a couple of seconds I had (with permission) pulled and replaced the belief from the root that she would be alone and lonely. That was what was causing her financial problems. The next day (yesterday) she reported she had already received two cash sums, one for something she didn't even know she could have, and one a sum someone owed her but hadn't paid up yet. We can also use Theta Healing on animals and also we can use it on machines (I used it to fix my computer, after all it is only a belief I have *a worry* what I would do without my computer, I can fix that)

The basis of Theta Healing is we work alongside the Universal energy and we witness the healing. Witnessing is very Powerful indeed. Nothing exists until it is witnessed, and viewing something actually changes how it is! It comes back to Quantum Physics, the witness experiments as seen on "What The Bleep Do We Know?!" Dvd etc.

It's awesome!

I love this little "S" I wonder if it also means "Super Woman" LOL!

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