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Is ME the same as Theta?

Originally Posted by S.J View Post

Originally Posted by Pamela Vicik-Smith
Thank you so much for posting your experiences Sonora. They are truly profound.

Is the Theta healing similar to the Matrix Energetics that Stephen does?
I wish I had time to write more, I feel now that miracles are every day normal occurances, not one off's

I have no idea about Matrix Energetics. My teacher explains it in more detail (I want to right reams but I must go to sleep, it's 12am) on her website:

Theta DNA Healing - What is it?

Hope that helps!!
I have heard of Theta healing and believe I have been asked this before as well.

It sounds like an incredible modality - awesome that you have found it SJ!

Many different modalities have similarities because they are all an interaction of consciousness and no doubt some could be found between Theta and ME, however, it is my understanding that they are quite different as well, though both are really cool!

The primary difference with ME and virtually anything else in my own experience, is that it is a totally open-ended consciousness technology which involves few, if any, 'rules'. The morphic field that is 'Matrix Energetics' is specifically designed that way so that it can be used for anything (people, machines, finances etc) and virtually anything added to it, including techniques from other modalities.

An example is regarding muscle testing and the morphic field around this technique or tool. Dr. Bartlett demonstrated several times how in one 'virtual reality' of muscle testing ie belief system ie morphic field, a certain response will test strong and then by going into another reality set, that same response will test weak for the equivalent answer that previously tested 'strong'. I haven't done muscle testing before, but the muscle testers in the audience were no doubt incredulous lol! Incredible how powerful our creative abilities are!

Its awesome that we have SO many choices in finding that which resonates with us personally!!! Otherwise it would be a pretty BORING Universe!

Love and light,

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