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Originally Posted by dannyboybell View Post
This sounds very interesting...

Since I'm just about 3 weeks into paths I'm not sure if it'll rock my world or not but what would you suggest one does if they'd like to try the Theta healing?

Find a Theta Healer and simply get healed or is there a self-studying-thing somewhere online or so?

Thanx for the info

You're creating with every thought, word and deed. So You decide if it rocks your world or not That's how Very Powerful you are. I would go with what feels good, either train to be a practitioner or book a healing session. As far as I know you need to complete a course to be a qualified practitioner, starting with the Basic DNA which is a class to attend. It's difficult to self-study as you learn through experience, the course is 90% practical. There is a book available, I will be selling my new spare copy on e-bay if anyone's interested.

I can't spread the word enough on how great this healing is!!

Vianna's Nature's Path — Theta Healing
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