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Hey All !

I've been having such fun this week reading all of the wonderful posts about your increased syncronicity happenings!!
Here are a few of mine that have happened recently!

* I have been wanting new playroom furniture for 2 years, preferably blue and preferably a sleeper sofa - this week I respond to an adv for a brand new - insanely cheap - Ikea set or sofa and matching chair (but in white - argg) . When I go to the house, YOU GUESSED IT!! the white set is sold... but she just happens to have another set that she hadn't yet advertised - only in a blue and white stripes and that set also includes a sleeper sofa: !!

* a friend and I were rapsidizing about the lovely fall daisies we were seeing everywhere --- I was driving home yesterday and got an urge to turn into a nursery that was closing for the fall --- YUP!! All the montauk daisies were on sale - 75% off - I snagged 5 for me and one for my friend! Did her jaw ever drop when I brought it in to school for her!!

*last night I had a wonderful, clear, uplifting dream about just the relationship that I have been dreaming of! And when I woke up - I opened my eyes and saw little lights flashing around the edge of the bed - really pretty and phosperescenist! Blinked and they stayed, blinked again and they faded!!

And I'm loving that the more that I notice -- the more I get!! And thanks to all of you - I'm noticing more and more and more!!
Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy
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