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Originally Posted by Jiffycoil View Post
Hi Xee2,
I've been running this setup and I have had very little heating of the transistor. I do have it on a regular finned heat sink. I run mine for 10-15 min at a time with no problem.
[/url], on Flickr
Thanks for the details. I was unable to get the TIP31C to work with my coil but I will give it another try. I think it does not have much gain above 1 MHz and my small coil seems to self resonate over 1 MHz. I am begining to see that the big coils work with the power transistors because they have so much self capacitance that they produce a self resonant frequency in the KHz range where the power transistors have gain. At least that seems like a possibility. I may have to make a big coil to get more current.
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