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Originally Posted by Jetijs View Post
Hi Indiana
The guy in the video is the son of the man who discovered this effect. He says that you need a high voltage DC field in which those plants, seeds or any other life forms are put in. You need the negative electrode on the top and the positive on the bottom. This kinda simulates environment of a lightning storm. The seeds are put in this electric field for three days and then are grown usually just as any other seeds but they come with benefits, they grow bigger, stronger and more resistant to pests. The inventor stopped his work and never brought it to the market because he worked in a company that produced chemical pesticides and other stuff and this would mean less profit for the company, he was also in bad health at that time. His son now holds the patent rights and is trying to get this thing rolling again with the help of some investors. The effect is very similar to the effect of an orgonite device and why shouldn't it? Orgonite is basically a capacitor.
Great info.

Thank you for taking the time to translate the important info.

By the way, great job on the straw bale dome!

Have you done anything with Compressed Earth Block?

You may enjoy these links:

Overview of Earthen Construction
Compressed Earth Block (CEB) Machines

Multimillion dollar homes are constructed using this technology.

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