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Theta DNA Healing

I thought this may be of interest, I recently picked up my Theta Healing 1 and 2 Certification and it is a little difficult to explain how that works, but to cut to the chase this healing method is truly miraculous. We had a young girl arrive in a wheelchair with ME WALK out the door on the last day, not only healed but knowing how to practise how to use it, and another lady on the same course in the Spring healed of cancer when she was so sick she missed half the course because she was vomitting in the toilet! Now this is a powerful healing method because it pulls beliefs out at the root. There's no layering of positivity on top of negative deep rooted beliefs, we even pull beliefs from the history level and the Soul level if necessary and EVERYTHING is up for changing! Nothing is just "how it is".

So, back to this thread, there were a small handful of people on the course who could not "do it". They could not even muscle test correctly never mind heal. Muscle testing is used to check if the belief is there (we are very good at consciously fooling ourselves) then double checked after the few seconds it takes to heal to show that it indeed has gone and been replaced with something suitable that serves. As time ticked by these people got quite annoyed and frustrated. They were mad at the healing modality, and they were mad at the instructor and even us, those who were having wonderful results. The instructor who merely smiled serenely replied it was okay, because how wonderful they had found a belief to change. They were very dumbfounded at this, naturally, as to them it was not their fault. The instructor asked them to muscle test slightly differently "nothing works for me!" and so it was strong. What a belief to be holding. I was partnered with one lady who I didn't particularly wish to as I found her quite negative in vibration, but I agreed as she asked. I am glad I did, as although we were doing a different exercise (manifesting our deepest desire) I couldn't get her to muscle test. I asked if she had it fixed, and she wasn't sure so I fixed it for her and she was testing beautifully. I was delighted for her, but, she was unhappy! Because she really wanted to manifest not muscle test. So I changed a lot of beliefs for her (with her permission), after lots of questioning, to find her base belief that was holding all these other beliefs in place and they dropped like a pack of cards. The most beautiful serene smile came on her face, and when I asked how she felt she said "peaceful" After that, my friend was by my side often, always with a smile and always sharing hugs. It made me realise that often people I "don't like" are simply..struggling. It's not that they REALLY don't like me. It's not about me at all. They're simply having a hard time. The instructor said many people have the belief of "nothing works for me".

It was only on my return, I remembered the furore with some saying Paths did not work for them. With everything up for changing, this would be one I would want to change!

I just thought to mention it. There could well be a reason on the belief level about why Paths doesn't work for an individual. It's then their choice if they want to change that belief and get all the benefits or not

There IS something that can be done, don't despair It's also really painless and easy! I've been altering all kinds of beliefs since I've qualified, it's truly is amazing

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