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Originally Posted by xee2 View Post
Nice video, thanks. You are getting great performance from your coil. Have you tried to generate a plasma stream?
Not yet mate - tell me how I am hungry for new experiments. Is there a small modification necessary? Perhaps a diode somewhere??? If this is the case, I have to buy some IN4148 still, as i havent had a chance yet. I also wanna test the AV plug. Its a new one on me.

I really would like to try charging my own batteries - my coil works so well on 2 AA. Anyone got a link or video showing how they charged their batteries?

Cant wait to get one of those emergency phone chargers. wanna see what i can get out of 1AA with one of those beauties.

Old Chinese proveb goes ''Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand''. - Thanks for involving me guys. Happy experimenting.
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