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This works!

I just revived that relay by cleaning the carbon off the contacts, though it's still acting dicy, so I'll be ordering some cheap replacements soon.

Meanwhile, this is the final scenario I wanted to test, and it does indeed work with that ignition coil I've been using all along and suspecting. I merely used the basic relay circuit and replaced the charging battery with the car coil's primary terminals. Then I hooked up a neon bulb between the HV + output of the coil and its regular negative terminal, and it lit up very brightly when the circuit was turned on. Here's a schematic of it:

The fact that the ignition coil fires at all has obviously got more to do with the radiant effect and high voltage than the low current being output. I haven't done more testing than that, but I intend to see if I can light a CFL next. Then, I've already fashioned a bridge rectifier to try that output on a battery. I also want to measure the current draw on the source battery, etc. I'll post more as things develop.

This development is interesting enough. It means the relay circuit can generate HV pulses powerful enough to be the initial drive for another HV step up device. Hmmm I'm thinking Tesla Coil possibilities

- Godfrey
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