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Originally Posted by xee2 View Post
Not bad at all
Please give some circuit details.

I am not sure why Xeon tube does that. Here is a video I took that shows less curling, but it is still there. There may be two beams of current and one is bending around the other in its magnetic field. But that is just a guess. A straight wire has a magnet field that is circular and perpendiculat to its length.

YouTube - 3 xenon tubes with 0.5 uF

Nice video! My Xenon either goes completely straight (grounded), or filaments out when ungrounded. Your xenons seem to be doing something different.

Sorry - 70 cm looks more like 50cm (from centre of L1) when i get my ruler out - my bad.

But ive realised my L3 isnt acting as a real receiver - as slayer said, its too small. My CFL will light anyway, 50 cm from L1. The L3 is just sitting there looking nice

The circuit is straightforward exciter - L1 450 turns. L2 2 turns. TIP 31C transistor. have to ask my wife...i cant see the colours well on those little thingys. 6v 2.8ah lead acid battery....cant use it too long or transistor blows. works much better on kept my big CFL working on 2AAs for over 3 hours the other day, and then i stopped it to go to bed. Im sure 2 AAs will power the big CFL quite a while, and the transistor will stay cool. But i still need to test it once more. Not enough hours in the in less than 6 hours....must sleep...

Easy guys, have fun!

will put up a wireless video monday or tuesday

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