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Hi Guys!

I am also playing with an L3 coil....Ive wound one on a thinner PVC pipe than my L1, and with fewer turns than my L1 - I appreciate the advice slayer (that L3 should be at least as big as L1) but I have no wire left When L3 is attached to the emitter it seems to increase the output on L1 by moving it closer to L1. It also acts as a receiver when left unconnected - it lights a big CFL when L3 is about 70cm from L1 on my 6V battery at 0.7A. Not bad....

I wanted to ask the clever lads on this forum what kind of field is generated around these oscillating coils. Are they electromagnetic/electrostatic? Are they standing waves? Is the field similar to a typical tesla coil? What are the differences?

When i leave my xenon tube ungrounded I get really pretty filaments of plasma as i approach the tube with objects or my own fingers. Is the filament pattern determined by the field of L1???? Heres a video to show what im talking about

YouTube - xenon bulb/exciter
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