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Hi Sucahyo,

Thanks for your post!

Iíve just put together something like the second relay circuit you posted earlier with the capacitor and potentiometer.

The relay coil is measuring around 90 Ohms, so I pre-tuned my 1k 15 turn trim pot to around 40. The only cap I had that is 47uF is an electrolytic rated for 200V.

When I turn it on, the relay oscillations are high and faint, and then gradually fade off. A
few turns of adjustment on the potentiometer donít seem to make any difference and neither does whether the ignition coil is connected or not.

When I leave the cap and Vr out of the circuit, the relay oscillates normally, but neither the charging battery output, nor HV output on the car coil light a neon.

Iím starting to wonder about these cheapo car coils I picked up on eBay. Tomorrow, Iím going to attempt scavenging a MOT and test that as a comparison.

Here is the schematic:

And a diagram of the terminal board:

Please let me know if you see anything amiss.

- Godfrey
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