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Hi Sucahyo,

Thanks for your post!

You meant capacity or voltage?
I meant capacity.

Because we are able to charge 12V battery with 3V source with radiant method.
That's incredible! Haven't seen anywhere near that kind of performance yet.

the bottom for everyday charging
Is this the finalized circuit for your 'Stingo'?

That is weird
Really? I thought that was a common phenominon of radiant circuits. Just to clarify, I'm using 'cool' here not to mean cold, but complete absence of the typical warmth a circuit develops after running for awhile. My basic Imhotep circuit runs continuously for many days without developing any apparent warmth in the relay, etc. at all.

what is the current consumption?
Haven't measured current yet on my multimeter during tests so far. I'll let you know how that works out when I run my next tests.

My stingo do not but self oscillation terminate instead.
Sorry, I'm not quite understanding. Are you saying the Stingo circuit doesn't protect the transistors with a diode? What mechanism terminates the self oscillation?

Here is my proto board w/terminal strips:

I decided to start by trying some basic configs (before incorporating your cap/pot idea).

This is the first circuit I've been testing (not an approach you recommended, but wanted to rule it out):

Here is a diagram of the terminal board:

This time the coil worked. In fact, disconnecting the coil turned off the circuit. But the results were mixed. The neon does not light in test mode. I can't get a neon bulb or CFL to light if attached to the Charge Battery leads. The spikes seem to occur, however.

It's difficult to measure results. Got any tips for detecting radiant spikes?

- Godfrey

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