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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
IMO, the 555 pulser part of the charger circuit should be completely isolated from the resonant generator portion by use of an opto-isolator, etc., to spare it from voltage spikes.
I don't think it would help. I busted many 12V fan just because I spark the output, while my circuit still survive. It happen because the 12V fan use same power source. Spike EMP can travel bypassing diode or capacitor. Having independent power supply is not practical for me.

Besides, I highly believe that opto coupler will muffle the output considerably. If you read spec, the fastest opto coupler is in micro second range while transistor is in nano second range. We need very fast switching to get radiant. Besides, people usually use transistor that is more expensive than 555. Neon is their protection. I don't use it because my circuit rarely busted if I am carefull.

Good luck with the project .

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