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WOW, BL is really mind blowing. It will take awhile to accept all that. I started to practice The Process at the moment I ve read about it as I got so many issues comming directly to me like a big truck . But I got the power from the Eggs.
I think Phase 2 is a foundation for building a new life - better game to play.

Do you think ME is a tool to help you in The Process or is it a Phase 2 tool, when you allready bust loose?
How do you think PATHS relates to Pahse 1 and Phase 2 tools?
As I see it and understand the book, everything what is important is the Process and getting back the power with no agendas to play the Human Game and to make it more fun and all other tools are obsolete....
Huh, I get more questions with every I understand how most of you felt...
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