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Smile Ouch!!!

Brian, that would be very uncomfortable! I personally can hardly stand that sound when they test the emergency testing system!

Remember how I told you a few posts up that I have frustrated more than a few... (mostly men don't know why?)

Okay here is my suggestion...

Hmmmm... remember in the book how it says to process any discomfort? Well I believe this qualifies as serious discomfort!

So as you feel this discomfort (which is probably all the time apply the process... Now here is the deal apply the process without an agenda
Yea I know it seems logical to want to apply the process to get rid of the ringing in the ears, right? But instead just apply the process while being in that place we call the NOW! Don't worry if it shuts off the ringing right away or not... Just keep applying the process! The point is to reclaim the power that the discomfort holds from you. Eventually, as you reclaim more and more power from that egg, and other eggs healing comes. As you start applying the process to that issue, it might bring about more issues from the time you spent in the service...

For me when I first started I was applying the process to all the discomfort I had from my divorce and custody issues. I was applying the process all the time! Ofcourse for a while I had an agenda to get what I wanted from the situation... Nothing happened! Then I finally came to the understanding that I could have NO Agenda! 1. because it was interfering with me reclaiming the power from the eggs being shown to me. 2. What I wanted is most likely a lot less than my ES wanted to give to me. So just apply the process and know that a total transformation will take place in you. It will be more awesome than you can even imagine!

Here is another thing... Watch what you say and how you say it. For years I HAD a chronic sinus and bronchial problems. So when I started to feel my sinus discomfort this last week, not only did I apply the process but I started rephrasing what I said about it. Notice that I said here that I HAD a chronic, because I do not want to give power to the egg I was processing. So start to rephrase any statements that refer to the ear discomfort you had in the past, not that you have it still.

Well enough harping on this subject! Like I said I have frustrated many!

Love and Gratitude Sallyjane zartgirl
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