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I did, it melt the contact point and jam the relay. I use very cheap relay, but I also read other experience the same thing.

When we add coil the output increase considerably. But the spark make it difficult to keep the relay running. Mine always stop after some minutes.

As result I use solid state now that produce much faster charge than relay. The reason is because relay is slow. While coil will add power, it produce less overall.

Relay = 100 unit at 5 Hz
Solid state = 1 unit at 5000Hz

The end result is relay produce 500 unit a second where solid state produce 5000 unit per second. Solid state win.

In term of reliability and noise production, solid state version win too.

My solid state conventional efficiency is at least 45% now.

Here is my video showing spark when adding car coil
YouTube - Unwanted spike in a relay

I have two circuit, but I forget which one I use in video.

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