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I find it interesting that you chose Van Gough... The man went MAD!

Take a flower... Not every leaf is shaped the same, and flowers are not perfectly symetrical either. When I was little I use to try to draw them symetrical and perfect, but it was not till I just allowed myself to draw the imperfections of the flower that the flower looked perfect! Does that make sense?
yes, it makes perfect sense, according to your specific perception. i do see the illusion of the beautiful flower(my favorites thinsg to photograph) but i REALLY like the cells, DNA, and atomic structures... which are perfectly symmetrical.

i bounce back and forth between the two, trying to find that perfect balance between symmetry and asymmetry, chaos and order, good and bad, light and dark, Yin and Yang... at the same time.

after all, to observe one doesnt make the other go away, they both are still there regardless of it being a hologram, light, frequency, ether or whatever.
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