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Cool One tracked...

That is cool that you have that design instinct... I also believe that you could learn to draw and paint... My guess is that you judge yourself to harshly! You try to make it perfection... I am guessing this just from reading your posts. One thing I learned early on is that nature is not perfect (well it is in the fact that it is nature and made the way it is, but..). Take a flower... Not every leaf is shaped the same, and flowers are not perfectly symetrical either. When I was little I use to try to draw them symetrical and perfect, but it was not till I just allowed myself to draw the imperfections of the flower that the flower looked perfect! Does that make sense?

Hmmmm... So what does this have to do with busting loose? Everything! You said you would be an intellectual artist one who spends great deal of time planning and organizing a painting... I find it interesting that you chose Van Gough... The man went MAD! I am not sure if it was from trying to reach perfection or licking / cleaning his brushes in his mouth (Lead poisoning) or a combination of both. The point being that striving for perfection with the mind is insanity!

When I paint I paint from the heart... Yes, I have an idea of what I want to paint, but it is not till I start to put the paint on the page that the true idea comes to life. I do not see a completed painting when I start. I do not see a completed design when I start with my illustration or graphic design. I start to work and the image or story starts to come to life on the page. Sometimes I paint with my right hand and sometimes I paint with my left hand... Whatever strikes my fancy! Sometimes the original message changes completely with my paintings. What is interesting is that if you were to look at my work you would say I spend endless hours on details, but in actuallity my paintings look detailed but are not...

The reason I am telling you this is to get back to the idea of turning off the mind and really focussing on the feelings and the heart! I know this is going to be hard, because you have trained yourself very well to trust your mind. You have invested a lot into your mind, but in this journey it is about learning to trust your heart and your feelings and shutting down the mind... Not like becoming dull in thought, but to the point of turning off the ego and the constant chatter in your head that distracts you from connecting with your conciousness in a deep way. Trust me you will still be able to have awesome discussions! Stephen and Grace and my friends here all do! I believe more so, because we are not tied to the minds chatter and control!

The mind wants to control and limit us! Keep us away from our conciousness and unlimited abundance that is out there for us in every area of our lives. To get back in touch with your true self / Extended self the mind has to be shut down and the power reclaimed from it.

We are back to observing the mind and all its workings... And applying the process without agendas and reclaiming as much power as is absolutely possible. Here is the cool part when we get to the point of Busting Loose, we will then be in a place to create anything we want to create in our lives. As the author says "Play with any idea or concept we want to play with for the fun of it". You can then have appreciation (money) just appear in your accounts, or you can create a business model to create the appreciation. You get to choose how the actors in your hologram act when interacting with you... You will be in full charge of your world, in a way that goes way beyond what your mind is offering you. Your mind is actually controlling you not you controlling your mind (even as hard as you try to control it, it still controls you). Your mind is part of your ego, and it does not want to loose control of you so it is going to do everything possible to keep control of you.

Hmmmmm... just in case you are wondering... I don't sidetrack easy! Because, I work from the heart... It will not let me get off track when working with you. Your ES created me here to tell you this and because I am working from the heart... I am led to just keep on this same subject till it sinks in or I get led to another subject or person to keep going on. Now you have a choice to choose to do what I am talking about or not! That is the awesomeness of all of this... We have a choice in it! I am still learning too, and I have only been here for a short while soaking up the information from others. So when I started answering your posts it was definitely a heart thing because my mind still does not think I know anything! I think I will keep it that way, because then I can not depend on it!

Love and Gratitude zartgirl Sallyjane
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