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i have purposely developed my brain to be somewhat "one tracked" to help me stay more focused. the only problem, as you pointed out, is that i cant always pick what track im on!! but here is the good news, eventually i always come back to the original topic... as i seem to keep them always at hand. i imagine this is sort of like a train, with the Engine as the current thought, and all others i want to address get organized behind it like the rest of the cars. once i exhaust the engine, it goes to the back and the next thought comes up.

amazingly, these last two years i have been able to run "multiple trains of thought" at the same time. it gets very tiring after awhile though.

artistic... hmm, if i were to class my artsitic abilities, it would be like that of van Gough or Pablo Picasso. (intellectual artists)
my family on my moms side is all artists... my grandfather is an accomplished painter, my uncle owns a huge Graphic Design studio in Chicago(which i also studied for a while), my other uncle used to draw flawlessly, his sons are drawing experts, and even my mom is into interior decorating.
im not good at freehand art like painting or drawing, but as far as design goes, i can hold my own, and i also do natural and abstract photography.
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