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Adam Ant / Brian

Originally Posted by adam ant View Post
my point of that was to bring attention to the ME method of time travelling.
Umm... Well I have not bought the ME book or studied any of the ME yet. I am very interested in both ME and CEM...

I am still working on the Power of Now book. You said your mind never stops! Mine never really got started! I think it is an Artist thing, because we tend to naturally tap into the creative spirit naturally instead of into the brain. That said... It takes me a long time to read some books, because they overwhelm me! I literally have to set them down and just let my heart process the information at its own pace. My mind never even knows why I have to set it down and not read for awhile! I am not even sure what I got hung up on in the Power of Now or why! I just know I had to put the book down for a while. The bonus to this is that once it enters and is processed... I go into a hyper growth spirt! My ES shows me emence amount of truth about who I am and reclaims huge amount of power for me!

So, I know that you are probably still trying to figure out how to apply the process without an agenda! LOL Thats okay! It took me a while too!!! I feel the need to challenge you to try to attempt to turn off the brain for a while! Intellectualism will keep you banging your head up against the wall and may be the reason why NO AGENDA is so hard for you! In the Power of Now it talks about how the constant running of the brain or mind is actually counter productive to acheiving all that you are trying to achieve. For me it meant turning off the constant chatter of memes or negative thoughts like "you arn't worthy" and that kind of thing... But for you it will be that constant analyzing of every word you read!

I have noticed in your posts that each post I answer for you, you come back and one word has triggered a whole new thought pattern, and your brain is now off and running in a new direction. This is your minds way of distracting you and keeping you from the Real Magik that Stephen talks about! Stephen would be a good person to talk to about this as he has told me, that this was the thing that really slowed him down!

Now the way you do that is to become an observer of this pattern. When a single word triggers the mind to start running in a new direction, sit back and watch it with your spirit. Observe every moment of the analyzing, and look at where it is taking you! Is it distracting you from the real message that your ES was trying to show you? Probably! Your mind wants you to listen to it and not to your ES. So when your mind picks out a word and starts to run with it, observe it and also observe what it is trying to distract you from. You have a lot of information in your mind, but now it needs to go to the heart, so you can feel it and experience it, and live it!

Remember, that you are creating both me and Stephen here to tell you some of these things. I find it interesting that you picked an intellect and a creative spirit to work together! That was some awesome creation on your ES's part! Although Stephen is an intellect, he has learned to shut down the mind and feel it like I do naturally! I tell you it will make all this so much easier when you shut off the mind and tap into the feelings, and actaully start to experience it and live it! You think this is exciting now! Just wait till your mind is out of the picture. The book "The Power of Now" is a book I would recommend to you to read. It will really help you to turn off that constant running of the mind that is distracting you from the magik you want to experience!

Love and Gratitude
zartgirl Sallyjane
P.S. you are an amazing creator, because over the last few days I have been dealing with a head cold (applying the process to regain the power from a pattern of chronic discomfort over the years). I have to tell you I believe the only coherrent thoughts I have had were the ones I wrote to you! I had a problem even applying the process to this discomfort, because I would forget what I was doing in the middle of it! So to be able to write out anything coherent... Is and amazing creation! LOL!
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