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Hi Jay,
I can feel them also, and sometimes they make me dizzy, ie,
when i hold HDD Magnets, they are not healthy when both Fields are next to eachother
and i prefer more Disks or Bars, what have opposite Fields. And anyhow, they can help also.
I prefer to let this Pole, what points to the geographically Northpol, inside my Hands also the Soles.
The other Pole is better for the back of the Hand and all backsides from you.
At my Solar Plexus i could even feel before a while, that the Northpole
(this is the one, what points to our geographically Northpol), pushes out,
and the magnetic S-Pole drags more in.
At this mess with the Poles i am still not sure anymore,
how to call which Pole what, because allways opposite Poles attract eachother.
At a Compass one pole is labeled "N", but a N cant point to our N-Earth Pole.
And it shows again, how serious or Science is.
And therefor, that i did see that they have different abillities,
i think i would call them anyway different.

Regarding gyulas Link, there are indeed a lot of Companys, what sell magnetic mats and saucers,
but i am not sure, if they are done right or not.
It is even used at the medicine, that you can get a magnetic therapy with a stronger Magnetic Field,
but only from trained Persons.
I think it is a old Sience from China and India, but seems since you cant really proove the Effects, it is not really a Science.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.
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