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Cool Adam Ant

Originally Posted by adam ant View Post
"be in the now" now im really going to have fun with your head...

if there is no such thing as "time" then define "be in the now"
You are going to have fun with my head? Sorry I don't mean to laugh so hard, but well as I always tell Stephen who talks about intellectualizing... I have an advantage because I don't have an intellectual particle in my body! I don't know if it is because I am an artist who lives in her own little world or because I am blond clear to the root...
Trust me I have frustrated more than a few!

Here is the deal, I was trying to explain this to someone else and even my 13 year daughter that you have to read BL and the Power of Now and books like that with your heart not your mind. If you try to read with you mind then you will analyze every little part of it.

I think the real reason I do not intellectualize is because as a kid and a very creative kid, I was what they would today label with a learning disability... Well I actually learn differently than most do. I finally just got frustrated with school and learning and checked out. I was already a creative spirit, so I found it easier to go to what I thought of as my safe place, where I could create my world anyway I wanted to. I would then draw that world out on paper, and later paint it on canvas. I learned quickly to get the smart kids to do all my homework while I would draw pictures. My smart friends still talk about this and laugh! I promise that I did not beat them up or anything!

Do you have a favorite music that touches the heart? It moves inside your spirit as you listen to it. That is how you want to read these books. I read all books this way. If it does not touch my spirit, then I put the book down till it does, or I don't read it! If you read these books with your spirit and not your mind you will come to understanding much quicker and find that inner peace. Eventually, you will also reach that point where your hologram starts to take on the image of what your true self really wants for you!

For me the NOW is not about time... It is a place where I find peace and understanding about things I have never understood before! It is really hard to put into words that which you know intuitively. It is something you have to feel and experience for yourself.

For me life is about dancing to a different beat. It is about speaking to the spirit and feeling, touching, experiencing words instead of reading them. This journey for me is to return to that place where I can create my own world. This can not happen in the mind, but has to happen in the spirit!

Love and Gratitude zartgirl sj
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