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Time to share a thought about time! :D

Originally Posted by adam ant View Post
"be in the now" now im really going to have fun with your head...

if there is no such thing as "time" then define "be in the now"
I love to have fun with my head, so why shouldn't you?

Time, as shared in The Power of Now is either Psychological Time or Clock Time.

Psychological time is CREATED by the Ego-mind for its own reasons of survival. Living in the past and creating an identity of 'self' based on experiences, events, acquisitions (materially or otherwise) is the goal of the ego-mind.

The ego-mind also creates the idea of Future by living in a future. A future where there is 'Salvation', namely, 'if I can only have, do or be this, then I will be 'happy, fulfilled, complete'. This is also the place of energy-wasting worries, wherein no benefit is received except by the ego-mind's resulting further entrenchment of a false 'self'.

Psychological time is an illusion and false, for there is no other place but the Now. As I will share, even the 'Now Moment' as it is often called, is not TIME.

First though, Clock time is something created by consciousness, illusory as well, for the use of experiencing life SITUATIONS. Your 'life' is not the same as your life situations. Your LIFE goes beyond time and space and exists, it just IS. Clock time is useful and allows for a temporary experiential existence on the physical plane. Beyond this plane, where there is no time experience, things are perceived all at once, like a big wide schmear of events, as opposed to the perception of linear time, the step by step,existence that is what we are normally accustomed to.

So for me, being in the Now is stepping out of time. In that place of BEing and an awareness of all that IS, is where the Ego-mind dissolves. It is a very INSECURE entity. And entity is a pretty accurate description. IT is NOT YOU. The ego has some value, but not when it runs your whole life including all your perceptions. This is the source a particularly insidious insanity that affects human life on the planet today. Living without awareness of the Ego-mind is living unconsciously, giving up your power of choice to unconscious programming that at some point, you (just a general 'you' here, not picking on YOU lol) may decide no longer serves you.

Bringing about the Observer to simply put attention on the Ego-mind, in the Now, dissolves it and all its games. This is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL and cannot be overemphasized. However, one has to be ready to embark upon this course. The Observer is like the proverbial big flashlight on the alleged criminal who is undergoing interrogation. Shining that flashlight of the Observer brings out the Truth of what is going on!

I believe the Now moment is out of time because I ask: Just how long is the 'present'? A second? A millisecond? A picosecond? How small do we go to say 'this is how long a moment is? I say that it is not measureable, for it is not 'in time', at least not by any means I am aware of.

In Gratitude,

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