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Cool Agendas

Hehee, Yea! That is the tricky part Applying the process without an agenda! When I first read that in the BL book... I was like "WHAT? HOW? WHY?". Well he explains it quite well in the chapter that he introduces you to the process of Why.

To be honest until I started to read "The Power of Now" by eckhart Tolle I really had a hard time doing the process without an agenda! That and a lot of time spent talking with Stephen and Grace on IM and phone. The only way I can apply the process without an agenda, is to be in the NOW. For me that was hard, cause I did not like the NOW as my hologram is not the way I wanted it to be. Well I still want my hologram to change in a major way, but I have given up on determining how it will look exactly!

Now you are probably thinking but if you give up on how it will look then how will you create what you want in your hologram. I trust my ES! My ES knows what my true self wants more than I do. When you give up YOUR AGENDA (which is future thinking and placing an oppinion or judgement on what ever is making you uncomfortable), then you just apply the process, and observe (from the power of Now) all the chatter going on in your head (a major part of that is your agenda) you neutralize the slow vibrations and allow the process to work and your true self to reclaim power from the eggs.

But when you apply the process with an agenda... You are actually placing limits on the process and less power can be reclaimed. In the book it says that an agenda will nulify the process, because you are passing judgement. I believe that when we have an agenda we are actually reinforcing the eggs instead of collapsing them.

Trust me! This was a major blockage for me! It really held me back in my journey through phase 2. One reason was that my agenda was limiting, but 2nd was that when my hologram did not change to exactly what I wanted as you said the traffic did not get out of your way, I got really frustrated and angry and thought this is not working! You can ask Stephen who patiently talked to me and got me turned back around until the next time I did not get it Poofed into my hologram. It was both Stephen and Grace who have been working with me as a tag team, walking me through this and teaching me all this. It was not till this week that I did not get the job I wanted and everything I was thinking it would provide for me, that the big breakthrough came. Okay I have also been attempting to read the Power of Now... Attempting, because it is hard for me to read... Not as in I don't understand it, but it scares me a little bit, but I am starting to soak in what I am reading... I think I about ready for the book now! LOL!

Let me tell you something though... When you give up your agenda, and just apply the process. Learn to observe your self chatter going on in the mind, and start blasting those memes out of the mind... You come to this place where Walla Walla can be beautiful, and sitting behind a tractor going very slow on a highway is an awesome opportunity to enjoy your own company or that of your families. I find it a great time to sit an observe my self chatter, and you know what as you learn to observe you start to neutralize the negative memes that are self defeating. They begin to make no sense at all! There is a peace in this life when you stop living with agendas and start to let life just flow.

Today, I thought it would be good to take my Washington Drivers test, and get my Drivers licence moved from Oregon to WA. This afternoon I have a deep desire to take my teenager for a long walk around the park. In between I will work on some tests for the temp job agency. I am starting to just let my ES lead me to where I need to be. It is actually quite fun and adventurous, but relaxing. My ES knows exactly where my good job is, and it knows exactly what I will do beyond that! Today is just about today.

zartgirl sj
P.S. I know this is hard to swallow, but your ES has much bigger more awesome things in store for you than you do!
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