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Cool Adam

Also remember that when you apply the process... NO AGENDAS! In other words apply the process in the traffic regain the power that is stored in those eggs completely (as much as is possible at that time) and then move into gratitude towards yourself for being soooo powerful and creative to actually have created a traffic jam enroute to whereever you are going! GRATITUDE is major in this equation.

Well I don't really ever have to deal with traffic jams here... Although I do come across the more than occassional tractor slowly moving down the highway! I have always been really good at creating these tractors in areas of the highway where there is just NO place to pass them! Oh yea! LOL! More importantly for me, I have this desire to move back to my California where I was raised. Before I had read BL... I absolutely hated living where I am in Walla Walla Washington! LOL! Since reading BL and processing a great many eggs and reclaiming lots of power... Walla Walla really isn't all that bad, actually don't tell anyone, but I am actually starting to appreciate the beauty of the Walla Walla Valley! That is a major secret though!!! That does not say that my desire to move back to California isn't still there, but I am okay staying here till my ES allows that move or whatever move is in my future... I am learning not to limit the ES because it may have much more awesome plans for my life.

I use to really get frustrated with traffic and tractors... But I have learned that sometimes my ES puts those road blocks up in front of me for reasons! In 1989 I was supposed to be on the Oakland bridge when the big earthquake hit, but I wasn't because something else happened and I ended up not being in SF that day... I was still in the Bay Area, but I was not on the sections of road that collapsed. But most of the time our ES creates these situations so we can have an opportunity to reclaim power from those eggs.

You know if we could just "Poof" away a traffic jam, or "Poof" a new hologram such that... Say I could be living in a home of my own and not in a shelter... "Poof" all the discomfort away... Where is the fun in that? Stephen asked me that the other day? Although I am still trying to find the fun in living in a shelter and sharing one room with both of my kids... LOL Let me tell you as this hologram changes it is going to be soooooo awesome!!!! I am going to be sooooo grateful that I have a home to live in and an awesome life! This "Process is awesome in bringing us to a place of healthyness! So next time you are sitting in your car in a traffic jam that may be going slower than my tractors travel out here in the sticks! HEHE

Tell the truth about it!
Reclaim the power!
Then bask in the Gratitude of the fact that you created this traffic jam!

Then in five minutes later when the traffic still has not moved 5 or 6 feet, and you feel that frustration level rising... Start all over!

Remember, Stephen tells me this all the time when I am all upset and stuff that the traffic is not BAD or EVIL or what ever.... Try to not judge it! Trust me I know how hard this is! I am about to start my third month living in a shelter! You created the traffic to create a situation that would reveal to you EGGS! So rejoice in that!

I am starting to think that when I started my agendas got in the way of my true self, and so now I am learning to not apply agendas to the process and just let my ES take back the power and determine what my new hologram will look like! I don't know if it will get rid of the tractors or not.... Maybe I create those tractors as a way of spending more time with myself! You know it is like the car that insists on going the speed limit in front of you... I create those probably to slow myself down so I don't get a ticket... I am sure someday I will be able to create the drive with out the police cars there if I want to! Heheee!

Love and Gratitude zartgirl Sj
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