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you know Stephen? i think this post answers one of my questions from the ME thread in regards to the traffic issue.

i have had an extremely ACTIVE life, even though i just turned 30. every aspect of my life has had huge amounts of turmoil, resulting in many many large power eggs. well that day in traffic, they all seemed to come back at once. i hate traffic with a PASSION!!! i was reclaiming power from all sorts of eggs, but results were not coming fast enough. i kept saying to myself "if this BL is really true, why isnt the traffic going away?!?!?!?"

and now i see the relationship between MatrixE and BustingL.... each of them represent one half of the universe!! the first half is Busting Loose in that we are the creators in our universe, but it steers us in a reactive sense.

Matrix energetics balances out BL by giving us proactive tools to work with...
this means we have defensive powers AND offensive powers.
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