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Originally Posted by Guruji View Post
Hi Harvey you're reffering to these posted schematics when you said circuit is basically the same?
Sorry, no - I am referring to Glen's Original Modified schematic:

Mosfet Heating Circuits

with simply increasing the voltage supply and the quantity of resistors to allow for the conventional power dissipation. (360V / 60Ω = 6A) and (6A * 360V = 2160W)

The IRFPG50 can handle that voltage, but some care may need to be taken to route some of the BEMF away from it to prevent avalanche or to ensure the timing is such to not to get to big a spike at the drain or else energy will be lost in the avalanche operation.

It needs to be prototyped and tested. We don't yet know how series heaters will react during aperiodic operation.

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