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I'm back

ok, dinner is done and kiddo is in bed...

well, in regards to what's been said about law of attraction, i saw the movie and what really stood out for me was that i got the sense that letting go and acceptance were huge things in making it work for you... didn't really look into it to much though just was hoping to get it through by watching the movie... but did get my wheels spining for sure.

but the thing that has come to me now in reading this thread is that those two things i got out of it, were and are very signinficant, cuz they have been a struggle for me, and therefor a block in my creating what i desire, or however one wants to term it, so for me the journey carried on.... this all started for me with meeting someone who came into my life and was introducing 'the secret'
'PATHS' and pretty much much of what i have gotten interested in and curiouse about in the last 10 months.

I never looked into it or tried it enough to see how it was flawed or not...what ever.... although for now it seems very true for me that what I think, creates how i feel, and therefor creates what i manifest or experience in my life... not sure if that is solely a LOA thing or not...but i see it to be true for me all over the place.... and am also aware of how i am so unaware of thoughts that are going on in my head. Although, i may work my ass off at trying to manifest what i want in my subconsciouse (which works behind the sceens) is sending out opposite messages than i am or may be consciously putting out there...
I think i may have gotten a wack of this info in Bruce liptons 'Biology of Belief" so therefor i need to deal or shatter the root cause of my negative thinking...
whether this could be put into the context of Phase one or not.. haven't given it to much thought really.. (got maxed out with busting loose)... either way i find it all intriguing

And then into the busting loose process....Hmmm....
well, when i apply the process, i can't even begin to describe what is happening, but i know something is totally happening, cuz i feel it. things being released, I feel different inside... and i want to share about how so many amazing things have been happening, and it is almost like the appreciation is automatic too...cuz i actually notice the awesome things where at one point I sluffed things off....
back to what i was saying.... I have spent years, literally years doing counselling, and recovery stuff, and emotional healing... and never have i noticed such dramatic differences..... so fast, BOOM...BOOM..just like that...

OK, granted this just may be happening at a time of huge change anyways?????

in all these other ways it never really seemed to dissolved anything.... at least not effectively... lots of residue always left over.... or something

now my mind is becoming boggled cuz, there is so much I struggle with in concieving right now...
My intellect has been maxed
which really is good, cuz intellect has been a survival skill for me...and gosh darnit I desire to grow and exspand.

so intellect has been shut down.... like an out dated computer.... can not compute, warning.... will self destruct..... lol..... this is a very good thing for me.... cuz i could always come up with
now i am at a loss.... and only have my feeling to direct me.
wierd thing too is that, my head hurts if i even attempt to understand will come to me when i am ready to understand it...Sigh...

Am in a dormant/processing mode right now.... and since my head is out of the game... have my heart/gut/feelings and my handy dandy tool kit...hehe

very new place for me...
k, thanks for listening....
Glad ya'll are here........Adrienne
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