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Thank you Aaron. You've put my mind at rest. I'd heard some unsatisfactory ideas about it, and I'd come to the unconscious decision that I wanted to grow as much as possible while avoiding a Kundalini release. When I became aware of this I decided to look more into it to see if my concerns were justified. I can see they were not, thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story, it is incredible, thank you so much for sharing I understand it is personal in many ways so I appreciate it even more so.

I resonate with this in particular:

I would suggest not seeking the experience of the explosive kundalini fire but instead optimize yourself in every way you can and if you happen to experience it, then that is simply another experience on your path. Really, those experiences are symptoms of evolution, which can bring certain degrees of enlightenment but the cause is a raging burning obsession to know the truth about "Who Am I?" and other similar questions. Cultivate burning desire like no desire you have ever known and you will be guided to the optimum things that will unfold you in a way that you desire.
This in a nutshell, is precisely where I am right now, optimizing myself in every way I can. And just "Be". There is more to it, and I shall probably send you a pm later if that is ok

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