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Read it through twice. Frankly I hope he IS talking in analogies. Else I'd be rather concerned about his general philosophies. LOL. I'm going to try a third read. One can substitute the sweet sixteen with a love affair for scientific knowledge - maybe energies generally - and that, at least, makes sense of some of his suggestions. But I can't really get to grips with the facial features and his general political views. Golly redrichie. One hopes he is really not saying what he appears to be saying. It would put him somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan.

EDIT Have done a third read and a partial fourth. I'm now absolutely sure that he is talking in cryptics. Else his suggestions would be preposterous. And I'm reading in SO MUCH MORE. Fascinating stuff. I wonder if you shouldn't perhaps start a thread on this redrichie? It would be an interesting discussion. I'm not sure it's appropriate here? Maybe Dave could advise us.


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