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Originally Posted by Harvey View Post
Wow, that is shiny and new - very nice

Are their any specs as to the inductance or is that just purely a resistive type element?

I guess what I am asking is; can that style somehow resonate in the desired frequency range? It looks like it would be made for a low frequency like 50 or 60 hertz but I would need the sizes to be sure.

I really like the design you show here where the one lead runs through the center of the coil - I've seen others where it runs outside and that just seems so unbalanced and problematic.

Great Stuff
Hi Harvey,

I haven't gotten the full specifications from the manufacture yet but it is a 240 volt 1000 watt unit and I'm trying to find a lower voltage product with the same element configuration. Hopefully it would be something that's "off the shelf" and not custom built which would be preferred and still using the modified circuit to drive the "resistive" element upgraded for the loads connected.

Here is another "resistive" element (used needing a good cleaning) which is a finned strip heater, these are 20 ohm, 120 volt, 725 watt, stainless steel, 925 degrees F. maximum temperature.

Industrial Heaters, Controls, Heat Tracing - Chromalox
Vulcan: Heaters - Metal Sheath

I'm still acquiring some components to duplicate the modified circuit and device used in all the Tests 1 through 22, so I can keep the "original" intact for any possible future use.

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