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High voltage air battery

Another high voltage source as an air battery:

Duluc/Zamboni Electrostatic Pile

The DuLuc Dry Pile
High-voltage source
1996 William J. Beaty
The Duluc Dry-Pile (also called the Zamboni Pile) was an "electrostatic battery" permanent power supply used in the early 1800s and constructed from silver foil, zinc foil, and paper. Foil disks of 2cm dia. were stacked up several thousand thick and then either compressed in a glass tube with endcaps and a screw assembly, or stacked between three glass rods with wooden endplates. Of course this is simply a Voltaic Pile, a multi-cell electrochemical battery, albiet one with output potential in the range of kilovolts. Each cell used nearly-dry paper as electrolyte, with zinc foil for one electrode and silver foil as the other."

This was used a source of power for "Perpetual Motion Machine" also described on above link.

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