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I think this is related to the Chinese space seed program. Link here:

The Space Odyssey of Seeds -- Beijing Review

Seeds flown into outer space produce large disease resistant plants. It is probably the higher radiation causing the effect than the lack of gravity. This is shown by the subject of this thread.

In regards to the source of high voltage for the experiments on seeds. I would try to avoid high power circuits like fly-back transformers, etc. Getting shocked by these is hazardous to your health. If you use a joule thief, try and use as small a filter capacitor as possible, to reduce the power of an accidental shock.

It may be useful to set up something like Lord Kelvin's water drop experiment to generate high voltage to charge the plates? I recall seeing somewhere an even simpler science fair project that just uses a drop of water sliding down a wire to generate enough voltage to flash a neon bulb. Probably, the longer the wire, the higher the voltage? This would be something more like a static charge which connects to the plates above and below the seeds for treatment. All we need here are positive and negative plates to ionize the field where the seeds are placed. A slow drip out of a bucket would probably last all day? It would be more like plumbing than electric circuits?

Just tossing around ideas

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