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Hi Group,

This experiment has been nagging at my mind since I encountered it.

Those of you using coils need make a doubler or tripler circuit to convert to DC, and then a HV cap to smooth it out clean. Old TV sets had separate triplers creating the hvdc for the CRT. The crt was the cap that smoothed the dc. Using a tripler will also allow you to use less power on the coil. Dont forget to build in an adjustment for the output HV. A rheostat in series with the the oscillators fet to the coil.. Real hi voltage may not be necessary if the dimensions are small?? Maybe use a variac, 220ac and a doubler or tripler and the smoothing cap.

Or a commercial adjustable HVDC power supply can utilized.

Now how do we make our reactor chambers. Should they,,
a. be insulated from contacting the plates.
b. be oriented vertical with the top plate +. like natural e-field.

Plate separation and voltage seem to be related if I understand the .pdf

Are the seeds germinating in the artificial field or just stored dormant there for a period of time and then germinated???

As for fish eggs are they subjected to the field before fertilization, during, after???

Does phase of the moon affect the effect?

Ill be looking for some real thin glass to make the tiny flat aquarium for the egg and seed experiments.

Viewing this vid YouTube - MIT Physics Demo -- Dissectible Capacitor Should the seeds and eggs be discharged???


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