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Originally Posted by everwiser View Post
The problem with free energy is that everything we need to power requires the destruction of the dipole in order to run...

There is energy from the ether available for all to harness but the devices we wish to power require the destruction of the dipole we need to power them. Everything we rely on requires something to be destroyed in order to make them run. Efficiency is not the answer. An entirely new way of doing work is...What that is or what it entails is not yet known...
I don't think this is correct.

If new technologies use energy from the aether directly, all well and good, but I don't see that there is anything to be lost by utilising so-called 'free' energy from the aether to power our current devices.

Afterall, by very definition, if it's 'free', there is no cost!

We may simply need to develop an interface.
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