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Hi folks, this is a quote from a guy that replicated Garry's motor and used a scope to view the pulse waveform and is self explanatory.
Hi Stefan, George and all,
1 day ago I would have agreed with both of you totally.
Now I say, Build a motor, parallel the voltages, look
at what happens across the coil when you pulse it.
THE VOLTAGE ADDS TO THE POWER SUPPLY! It does NOT buck the supply ever! Damnedest thing I have ever seen. There is NO LENZ. Power
supply at ZERO, pure spin down, no drag even when pulsing the coils
into the supply still on but at zero volts. Yah, I know, short the
leads and it probably will spin down faster but then it is operating
in the PURE generator mode and not the MOTOR mode. Totally different
when in the motor mode as voltages are Additive. I have built lots of
pulse motors and this is NOT what I expected or theorized. The little
sucker will run on somewhere between 0.1 and 0.2 VDC on the coils! On 1.5 VDC, it runs several hundred RPM. I have to glue the magnets down before I can really rev it up as they are just held to the wheel with their own magnetic field. Got a little bug in the trigger circuitry,(double pulse) got to rewind the trigger coil, but it still runs like a champ.
Those coils are 100T #24, 1.5" X 1/4" ring air wound coils. The coils on the left and right are the motor coils. The coil on the back is the "sense/trigger" coil. It triggers both pairs of coils through a power fet via a op-amp. So you get a power pulse each 90 degrees. The voltage generated ADDS to the power supply voltage, that is NOT what I theorized or expected but you can see the anti-lentz voltage riding on TOP of the power supply voltage if you put a scope right across the coil. This thing is crude to the point of tears.
The coils are 1/8" from the 1.5" N38 Neo magnets as I didn't want to mess around with a magnet knocking a coil down if it flew off the wheel as the magnets are just held on by their own fields! Do not try to theorize this motor, you have to build it to understand it. And I will say I probably had 50-60 pages of doodles and theories and magnetic field drawings and schematics that all said it did not work before I built it. I finally built it out of sheer exasperation because Garry was so darn sure it worked the way it did and I .....wanted to prove him wrong....sort of my nature. My next version will be a heck of a lot prettier and a heck of a lot closer in tolerances. I am not going to do a web page about this as it is not my motor or my idea, I'll leave that to Gary. It all boils down now, if you don't believe it will work, you
probably won't build one. If you don't believe it will work and build one, you won't believe what your instruments are telling you and if you do believe it will work and build one you will look at your scope, etc and say "Holy @#@#$@#$" What am I missing here. Good luck Gary.
I'm about done posting about this, it works, there is a lot of things
more that can be done, Garry, its your baby, run with it.

Making good progress on my motor. Bored rotor magnet holes and I am mounting coils in stator plate. Will post pic later today. Anyone have any thoughts about these quotes I've posted. It makes me think a solid state air-core with 2 large neo magnets at each end in attraction and pulsing in an attraction manner, since this forward emf aiding idea has been experimentally proven it would seem, might yield for starters a much more energetic collapsing field due to the neo magnets aiding our input. Let me hear your thoughts.
peace love light
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