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[IMG][/IMG]@magnetman12003, You're on the cutting edge with it. Thanks for your videos. It wouldn't be too hard for anyone to place an output coil between their pulse coils and the magnet rotors of their Bedeni motors to test this approach out for themselves. Has anyone ever seen a pulse motor generator so concieved? One can imagine what a radial rotor combination with a series of double stacked coils might look like! What effect does the induced high voltage charge have on the Lenz drag in the output coil, and what effect does the magnet have on the coil inductance in the approach phase?

Remember the Piggy Back coil? The pulse coil core extended out the back of the pulse coil, and a coil slipped over the end for output. There are lots of experimental videos. The question is, what would happen if you turned the coils around, so the output coil is sandwiched between the pulse coil and the rotor magnet, so we get a magnetman12003 configuration. The pulse coil can be tailored to fit inside the wide air core of a fine wire output coil too as another alternative. Gadgetmall demo'd a wobbly snake egg spinner with a secondary wrap around the top of a pulse coil he alleged was self running. I can't find his video right now.

I got 4.38 volts after placing the pulse coil against a piece of clear tape across the output coil core hole, and drilling holes in the plumbers spool for the magnet axle. It only stands a few inchs high, the fine wire thimble pulse coil with
Hall effect transister, right up against the red wire radio shack spool to a rectifier, and the plumber spool 3/4 inch spinner up top, but it's outputing nearly a whopping 8 watts, with hardly any input. I have to start taking precise measurements, but this is practicly identical to magnetman12003's setup, only scaled down to miniature proportions. I'll try and video this. It runs well sdeways too. It may run itself like Gadgetmalls snake egg which was basicly the same.
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