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Hi sucahyo,
Please explain why you are saying this.

I am not talking about AC as in 50 or 60 Hz regular sine wave. I doubt that is good for anybody or anything.
I am just saying that depending on where you are standing the pulsed DC can look like pulsed AC.

I would like to know what the difference is.
Tesla made a high voltage ozone maker, and it is this I am thinking could make these pulses.
Beyond those questions,
I guess what I have been thinking is that we will be crossing the plane of the galaxy where the very strong EMF pulse(s) will be coming our way.
Maybe it will effect our sun, or
maybe it will effect us directly, and/or
maybe it will change the genome of plants and animals.

Since the plants went back to a primitive form and the animals did too, but that meant that they became more aggressive...
I am wondering if we will need to improve our life skills.

I wonder if we will be "seeing" a saber tooth tiger after the crossing?--- Did I really want to say that?

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